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A brand identity was created for the launch of a new rally championship to complement the existing branding and evoked the passion of racing and the memory of racing driver Roger Clark.

R.A.C. Rally

An annual car rally covering historic cars from the 1982 to 1987 era.

R.A.C. Logo


The R.A.C. rally held every November, decided to introduce an additional multi-race rally championship to run in the winter and spring. A brand identity was needed that referenced the existing R.A.C. brand but also had its own distinctive position.

What we did

The Agency designed various branding options for the R.A.C Rally Championship committee. The committee endorsed the agencies recommendation, choosing the image that best reflected the sense of passion and excitement of rallying. The design links the Championship to the historic R.A.C. Rally linked but establishes it as distinct offering. Page templates were prepared for Promotional Flyers, Press Releases and Web Pages.

Alternate Logo
Alternate Logo
Magazine spread
Alternate Logo
Alternate Logo
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