Clear Thinking

In 1933 Peter Shaw was saved from driving off the side of a hill, in fog, by the reflection of his car headlights from the eye of a cat. 70 years later lives are still being saved by his invention.

When you choose White Agency you can rest assured your marketing is in safe hands, our Account Directors believe understanding and honesty are the key to a successful relationship and we never over sell and under deliver.

Clear Thinking

Before 1711 with no way to measure pitch, the same piece of music could vary dramatically from orchestra to orchestra.

In 1711 John Shore invented the tuning fork and the universal pitch for A was set at A4235.5

We aim to build lasting partnerships with our clients by being in tune with their company and needs. We still work for the first two companies that put their trust in us 25 years ago.

Clear Thinking

In 1653 a Frenchman called De Valayer began a service delivering letter posted into his mail boxes.

238 years later, America George Beckett invented a way to receive them – the letterbox.

Today there are lots of ways to receive communications; we can offer a multitude of marketing communication tools from direct mail to digital based solutions.

Clear Thinking

In the 1950s and 1960s America spent thousands of dollars developing a pen that could write in space.

The Russians used a china clay pencil.

We aim to deliver your message clearly and simply in everything we do.

Clear Thinking

Until 1888 law enforcement officers has no means of identifying offenders other than by sight alone. In 1888 Sir Francis Galton, a British anthropologist and cousin of Charles Darwin, observed that not only did an individual’s fingerprints not change with age, but they were unique to an individual. He went on to devise a method to categorise fingerprints and gave birth to modern forensic science.

Just like individuals, every brand company/brand needs its own identity to clearly differentiate itself in an overcrowded market place. We can work with you to build and evolve.