Through competitions, direct mail and the website, we have helped the Swift Group generate a growing email database to send targeted e-shots too. As well as developing and sending the emails, we also monitor their effectiveness with open rates and click throughs and use this information to direct the development of further emails.

Swift Group

Swift Group is the UK’s leading manufacturer of caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes. White Agency have worked with the Swift Group for over 30 years helping them grow from a single brand to a multi-brand operation.


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Increase email database for faster, low cost communication with target customers.

What we did

Through competitions, direct mail campaigns and the Swift Group website, we continue to grow and maintain a large email database to allow Swift to send regular communication to target customers at a low cost. The agency manages all aspects of each email campaign including design, programming and sending. Email campaigns are monitored for their effectiveness with key measures on ‘open rates’ and ‘click throughs’. This valuable information is used to direct in the development of future emails.

Email newsletter
Email newsletter
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