Keeping the Swift Group at the forefront of web design, we develop and maintain their website which is central to their market leading activities. Here you can see their latest site which has dramatically improved the user experience with a mega drop down menu making all parts of the site easily accessible.

Swift Group

Swift Group is the UK’s leading manufacturer of caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes. White Agency have worked with the Swift Group for over 30 years helping them grow from a single brand to a multi-brand operation.

Swift Website


With an increasing number of brands and large amount of technical information the existing site had reached its limits and being 3 years old was falling behind the new influences and styles in web development. The brief was to bring the site up to date and improve the user experience. The site also needed to work across different platforms.

What we did

The site was completely redesigned to give it a new corporate look and feel that could also use the emotive lifestyle imagery the agency had implemented across other marketing materials. Key to the new design was making it possible to get to any key piece of information in just a few clicks, vastly improving the speed by which people can surf the site and ensuring it worked across multiple platforms. A mega drop down menu system was central to this along with well laid out page designs. Nick Page Commercial Director of the Swift Group was delighted with the results “The new web site has taken over a year in planning and puts Swift right at the forefront of the latest internet technology. It is fast, user friendly, features a lot of video content and can be viewed over a wide platform of hardware. With the largest internet audience of any manufacturer we believe the new site is another industry leader”. Since the launch of the new website Swift Group has seen visitor numbers increase by 15% year on year and currently receives an average of 95,000 visitors a month.

Product range web page
Mobile website
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